parkinsons research

NeuPro 6 mil

I guess the FDA approved this patch for parkinson’s treatment. I started on 2mil then 4mil. it didn’t really work so I’m trying out 6mil. It kinda makes me nauseas and is a little itchy. So far carbo levo is my favorite , so is stalevo. I will report back after i’ve tried it for a week.

What does moving with Parkinson’s feel like?


There are so many ways that Parkinson’s make you feel, but first thing In the morning after all the carbo/levo medication wears off, its almost impossible to get out of bed. I have to roll across the bed and catch my self before I fall off. When I walk down the hall, each step is like i’m walking in mud or walking under water. Do you know the feeling of when your arm falls asleep and you can’t move it? Well thats how it feels when you have Parkinson’s.

Parkinsons at age 37


I’m currently 42 years old and have been formally diagnosed with parkinson’s Nov 2016 . I ‘ve unknowingly  been dealing wth symptoms of PD since 2010.

I am now dealing with moderate stages of the disease and it’s actually very hard to hide it.

This blog will be my private study of Parkinson’s Disease based on my first hand experience . I’m doing this so certain commonalities will be recognized, and my mission is to help with any progress or research advancements. I guess this is my way to pay it forward.