involuntary movements

Depression with Parkinson’s


Parkinson’s is a progressive disease that sometimes makes the patient feel like there is no hope for the future. The symptoms don’t get better and with each day passing things just worsen. A typical parkinson patient will feel constant pain, low energy, a lack of motivation,  involuntary movements , slow movements,  Stiff body, troubles walking , and psychological depression.  These are all the symptoms i’ve experienced. Its important to understand this if you have Parkinson’s.


Medication for parkinson’s


I take 2  Carb/Levo 25-100 MG pills 3 times a day. I would have no energy or be able to move if I didn’t take this medication.  It works the best when I take 1/2 pill every hour when I’m at work or in public setting. The reason i do this is because theres side affects when taking this medication . The side affects are involuntary movements called Dyskinesia.

For me Dyskinesia is the most embarrassing part of Parkinson’s . People look at you strange. I’ve been trying to try new medication that might help with the unwanted dyskinesia. My neurologist asked me me to try a new extended release Carbo / Levo pill called Rytary. It works ok but it takes a while for the medication to work. For some reason it doesn’t seem to last long either.